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“As an employee, you have rights, and those rights matter. I’m here to help you make sense of where you stand in a dispute with your employer, and to vigorously pursue justice on your behalf.”
– Jenny Sharpe

A Healthy Work Environment Isn’t Luck.

It’s The Law.

Employment Law Rights for Employees

Every worker deserves the opportunity to earn a living in a safe, supportive environment, and to be evaluated on the merits and quality of their job performance. Unfortunately, things don’t always happen the way they should in the workplace, or even as the law mandates.

At J Sharpe, we represent employees in a wide array of industries, and at all employment levels, who feel that their rights have been violated on the job. We have over 30 years of expertise representing employees in all areas of practice, including discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wage and hour disputes, and conflicts surrounding medical leave.

Whether in the courtroom or at the negotiation table, we are committed to being steadfast advocates for our clients. If you’ve been wronged in the workplace, we’re prepared to doggedly pursue the accountability and results you deserve to make things right.

Employee Rights. Protected.

Ill will and upset feelings that arise from a workplace dispute don’t always translate into a viable legal case. That is, not every workplace conflict can or should end in litigation. For that reason, please complete our case evaluation form so we can examine the specifics of your situation. If you have a case, we’ll tell you. If you don’t, we’ll tell you that as well. We’re here to resolve workplace disputes, not needlessly prolong them when there’s no clear legal remedy.

You have employment law rights

What Happened To You, Matters To Us.

We can take action on your behalf in a number of different practice areas, including:

Sexual and Racial Harassment Law

Sexual and Racial Harassment

If you’ve been subjected to unwanted lewd or offensive conduct at work (including explicit comments/jokes, inappropriate touching, or obscene pictures), felt pressured to engage in a sexual relationship with a superior, or been treated differently due to your race or ethnicity, you might have grounds for legal remedy.

Employment Discrimination

Employment Discrimination

If you feel you’ve been treated differently than your colleagues or have been fired by your employer because of your race, gender, religion, sex (including being pregnant), age, disability or gender identity, you may be able to take legal action.

Wrongful Termination lawyer

Wrongful Termination

If you have been fired by your employer in breach of the terms of your employment contract, or a North Carolina law, then you may have a case against your employer. 

family and medical leave act lawyer

Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)

You are entitled to take up to three months of leave from work for medical reasons without any repercussions from your employer under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

contract disputes and negotiation lawyer

Contract Disputes and Negotiation

We can advocate on your behalf in disputes over a variety of employment contracts. These include executive employment contracts, non-disclosure or non-compete agreements, severance agreements, and independent consulting agreements.

retaliation and whistle blowing lawyer

Retaliation and Whistleblowing

It is illegal for you to be subjected to demotion, harassment or firing after reporting misconduct or unlawful practices against your employer.

wage and hour disputes lawyer

Wage and Hour Disputes

We will fight for your rights in matters involving the payment of overtime and the non-payment of wages.

On Your Side. By Your Side.

Every Step Of The Way.

Jenny Sharpe

Jenny Sharpe

I have been fighting for the rights of employees for over 30 years. I started my own boutique firm in 2005 because I wanted more freedom to choose the clients and cases that inspire me. I don’t take on every person that walks through my door as a client. If I don’t think you have a case against your employer, I’ll tell you. But If I do, and you think we make a formidable team, I’ll be with you every step of the way, from initial consultation through final resolution.
J Sharpe, PLLC is located in Charlotte, NC and provides solutions and litigation services in a broad range of employment law matters, including claims of discrimination, sexual harassment, whistle blowing and contract disputes as well as claims arising under the FLSA, FMLA, ADA, and ADEA,


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